Blazing-Glasers-Door-RevisedPix It’s not just about pretty pictures.It’s about emotion. Personality. Attitude. Image.

It’s about the visual interpretation of a vision.

Scott Glaser makes art that makes a statement. A statement driven by client input and creative interpretation.

Entering the School of Visual Arts, New York City, in 1970, Glaser double-majored in advertising and painting. Upon graduating in 1973, he started what was to become a thirty year career as art director, copywriter and creative director.

Those years afforded Scott the opportunity to marry concepts and graphic images in a way that uniquely and boldly captured the essence of a client’s message and present it to the public in a dramatic way.

That mindset, along with his faculty as a painter, enabled Glaser to transition from commercial artist to fine artist and demonstrate the same conceptual and visual flair he succeeded at in the field of advertising onto every canvas.

Creating art that conveys the spirit and individual dynamic visually for each piece, is what attracts clients to his work. Corporate clients like Hyatt Hotels, China Merchants Bank, Kate Spade and private collectors in New York, Boston and Palm Beach.

His ability to execute in various styles, influenced by the Photorealist, Representationalist, Abstract Expressionist and Pop schools of art is a rare quality – most artists speak in only one visual voice.

Glaser’s versatility is illustrated in the samples of his work.

The other Blazing half is Cheryl Glaser. As another long-time advertising creative force, and champion of the contemporary art world, Cheryl now brings her skill sets to this dynamic duo. She serves as art advisor and consultant.

Scott and Cheryl live and work in Westport, Connecticut with their five dogs.